All About Third Grade

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All About Third Grade

All About Third Grade

Specials Schedule:
Day 1 Music
Day 2 Physical Education
Day 3 Library
Day 4 Art
Day 5 No Special
Day 6 Computer

Transition from Second to Third Grade
  • Please keep in mind that up through 2ndgrade your child was learning to read; now he/she is reading to learn.
  • Big Adjustment for child and parent… be patient!

Easing into 3rdgrade: Organization
  • A copy of the morning routine is now in each child's binder.  It is there to help your child start the day (unpack, sign up for lunch, sharpen pencils, restroom break if needed, morning work, etc.).
  • I stop at the end of each subject to help the children write their assignment in their planner.
  • I announce at the end of each day exactly which books need to go home. Students then check their binder to ensure that homework and planner are inside.
  • Guidance will continue over the next few weeks.  Students will then transition to me only checking at the end of the day, to not checking at all by holidays.
  • “Return to School” and “Keep at Home” sides are used to ensure your child’s work is where it belongs.
  • Have your child pack and unpack his/her backpack. Your child should be asking you to sign his/her planner, not expecting you to do it!


  • This is a partner relationship between home and school.
  • Do not come back to school for work if your child forgets it… this will not help your child become responsible!
  • Do not drop work off at school when your child leaves it at home… again, this will hinder more than help!
  • If your child is having a difficult time completing work that I have assigned, I need to know.
  • I do try to limit homework on Friday.

Student Planner  

  • Communication is key to your child's success!
  • Parent/guardian needs to sign each night to ensure that you are aware of the assignments.
  • Tests will be written in and highlighted at the beginning of each week to help prepare you for what lies ahead.


  • No longer graded.
  • We do practice it weekly as morning work.

  • 6 day process/story.
  • 5 days focused on themed stories and 1 day of writing.
  • Test Day consists of Main Reading story, Cold Read that correlates with the skills taught during the 5 day period, spelling test and grammar test.
Science(taught for 4 ½ weeks of each nine weeks)       
  • Science is a hands-on learning experience.
  • We use a Science Notebook to complete investigations.
  • Most grades in Science come from the student’s notebook.
  • A Science Bookmark/Scorecard is provided to show your child how to earn all 23 points for each investigation.

Social Studies(taught for 4 ½ weeks of each nine weeks)  
  • New Series My World


  • Different methods (partial sums/trade first) are used to give children a greater number sense; please encourage them to explore these methods.
  • Ultimately, they need to pick the method that works best for them and stick to it to avoid confusion.

  • May become homework at times for revision and editing.
  • I will send home a writing scorecard with your child’s grade on it after work is completed.

Accelerated Reader  
  • Set a goal that is realistic for your child.
  • I promote 1 pt/week to help with comprehension and fluency
  • 35 points and an 80% are required for Pizza Party.




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