Classroom Management System

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Classroom Management System

Behavior Management

RESPECT others and their property
Raise hand and wait to be called on
Respect personal space
Try your best!




   1 BLOCK=5 minutes of recess

2 BLOCKS=10 minutes of recess

    3 BLOCKS=15 minutes of recess AND call parents!


Each student will need to earn tickets on a daily basis
 to participate in the auction.

How to earn tickets:

Planners and Yellow Folders are signed
Follow Class Rules
Be Responsible/Respectful/Team Player
Accelerated Reader

NOTE: If you receive a block, you must turn in 5 tickets for each block at the end of the day. FOLLOW THE RULES!

Each student will have his/her own tickets earned up
to the day that the Auction takes place.
Each student will have the opportunity to bid on the item being auctioned. Highest bidder/ticket holder will receive the item.
Class needs to earn 25 stickers for an Auction

How to earn stickers:
Someone outside of our class makes a good remark about us. 
The class is ready to work:
have ALL materials and be paying attention!
Everyone follows the RULES!  
Room/personal space is kept neat.


      Items to be auctioned

Teacher Assistant Passes/Lunch with Friend Pass Pencils/Folders/Erasers

Popcorn and Drink Passes for Movie Day/Books/
Cushion Chairs/
Homework Passes


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