Students will be rewarded for appropriate behavior in a variety of ways including:

-Verbal praise
-Earning points for a reward of their choice
-Parties (at the teacher's discretion)

-Notes to parents

-Good behavior charts
Other rewards may be added or taken away during the year depending on the effectiveness of those listed. Also special considerations may be made if your child has a health problem such as diabetes or an allergy to certain foods. I would also appreciate your input as well. Please contact me via email with
any effective rewards you use at home and I will do my best to incorporate them.
When a classroom rule is broken it will be dealt with in the following manner:

Level 1
You will be told what you have done wrong and will be reminded of what you should be doing.

Level 2
You will be pulled aside to speak with the teacher.
You will be made aware of future consequences.
You will lose a point.

Level 3
You will continue to lose points each time the behavior is observed.
If all points are lost, you will eat lunch at your own table away from your friends.

Level 4

After the 4th warning you will continue losing points and you will lose your recess time for the day.
You will be put in the “Cool Down Corner” where you will write or draw a picture explaining your behavior.
A parent-student-teacher meeting may be set up at the teacher’s discretion.

Level 5
After the 5th warning you will be sent to the principal’s office.
Parents will be called or emailed to discuss your behavior.
Level 6
If your behavior puts yourself or others at risk for injury you will be removed from the classroom and sent to the principal without receiving any warnings.
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