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Mrs. Cosnek's Page
Welcome to my page!

A little about me:
I am  a Hopewell graduate who also obtained a B.S. in biology from Westminster College and a M.S. in ecology from the University of Minnesota. I have previously taught at the Blackhawk and Monaca school districts.   This is my sixteenth year of full time employment at Hopewell.
 I sponsor the 8th grade class club, Bible Club and Science club and am a member of the Student Assistance Team.

Subjects that I am teaching this year:

  • Physical Science - Honors  Periods 2,5,6
  • Physical Science - Academic  Periods 1,4,9 



    1. Bring the following to class every day: Textbook,sharpened pencil, 3-ring notebook, planner and homework.
    2. Student will begin Journal Entryimmediatelyupon entering and getting situated in assigned seats. This is “Beforethe Bell Work” which means it is begun before the bell rings for formal class to begin. You will be marked tardy if you do not have a pass and will be responsible for the missed journal entry.  Reminder:Absence from school does not excuse you from the daily journal entry.
    3. All thoughts of every class member are valued and need to be expressed in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. Class discussions play an integral part of your learning and thus, a raised hand is necessary to be recognized to speak. COLLABORATION with your peers is essential.



    1. A check will be recorded for the first offense.
    2. Three checks will result in a phone call home and the disciplinary form completed by you and signed by your parents.
    3. Subsequent checks will result in lunch detention, after school detention and/or behavioral referral to the office for disciplinary action.  This infraction will be noted on your permanent record.




    1.      HOMEWORK: Assignments will be counted and assigned a point value based on accuracy and completion. There is a homework board in the front of class with posted assignments.

    2.      QUIZZES, EXIT SLIPS AND TESTS: All tests will be announced. Quizzes may be unannounced.

    3.      NOTEBOOKS: You will need one 3-ringed binder with lined paper and 5 dividers forScience Onlywhich may be collected at any time during the nine weeks and graded. Grading is based on thought, organization and completeness. Total points may vary for each nine weeks.

    4.      PROJECTS: Once a nine weeks individual and some group projects will be required with due dates given well in advance.

    5.      LAB REPORTS: Graded lab reports for specified labs.

    6.      SCIENCE NUMBER: Each student is assigned a number that should be circled and included oneveryassignment. Heading is placed at the top right-hand corner withfull name,period and

          science number. A point will be deducted if the proper heading is not in place.


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