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Department(s) for Hopewell High School


Teachers and Staff of Hopewell High School

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Last Name First Name Subject Extension E-Mail
Allinder Maribeth Principal's Office Secretary 2020 allinderm@hopewellarea.org
Allison Michael Principal   allisonm@hopewellarea.org 
Aloia  Esther  Family Consumer Science  2302  aloiae@hopewellarea.org 
Ambrose Sarah School Nurse 2008 ambroses@hopewellarea.org 
Baker Nichole Math 2320 bakern@hopewellarea.org
Barr M.A. Language Arts 2209 barrm@hopewellarea.org
Buddemeyer  Melanie  German  2330  buddemeyerm@hopewellarea.org 
Byrnes Martin Language Arts 2206 byrnesm@hopewellarea.org
Caputo Erin  Math  2332 
Cedro Lisa French/Italian 2105 cedrol@hopewellarea.org
Colangelo  Lori  CAD/Drafting  2100  colangelol@hopewellarea.org
Collins Rich Guidance Counselor 2024 collinsr@hopewellarea.org
Collis Gina Special Eduction 2328 collisg@hopewellarea.org
Commesso Mike Social Studies 2306 commessom@hopewellarea.org
Coston Julie Speech   costonj@hopewellarea.org
Covalt  Brittany  Physics  2316  covaltb@hopewellarea.org 
Critchlow Mary Special Education 2406 critchlowm2@hopewellarea.org
Daltorio Nancy Language Arts 2201 daltorion@hopewellarea.org 
Dran Kate Language Arts 2203 drank@hopewellarea.org
Dreshman Dr. Janice Guidance Counselor 2023 dreshmanj@hopewellarea.org
Dufalla Rosetta Language Arts 2202 dufallar@hopewellarea.org
Ewing  Robin  French  2333  ewingr@hopewellarea.org 
Girata Linda Principal's Office Secretary 2019 lgirata@hopewellarea.org
Grandovic Michele Special Education 2107 grandovicm@hopewellarea.org
Hack Jeff Physical Education & Health 2041 hackj@hopewellarea.org
Harich Jennifer Special Education 2314 harichj@hopewellarea.org
Henry Jennifer Math 2335 henryj@hopewellarea.org
Heranic Margaret Physical Education & Health 2103 heranicm@hopewellarea.org
Hetzer William Science 2324 hetzerw@hopewellarea.org
Homziak Jeff Business Education 2323 homziakj@hopewellarea.org
Keiper Christopher Music 2012 keiperc@hopewellarea.org
Korchnak Bronwyn Encore 2300 korchnakb@hopewellarea.org
Lucas Cindy Special Education 2403 lucasc@hopewellarea.org
Masley Sue Art 2108 masleys@hopewellarea.org 
McClintock Maggie Library 2018 mcclintockm@hopewellarea.org
McConville Chad Social Studies 2309 mcconvillec@hopewellarea.org
Metz Julia Science 2326 metzj@hopewellarea.org 
Meyers Janet Social Studies 2305 meyersj@hopewellarea.org
Mohrbacher Nick Language Arts 2204 mohrbachern@hopewellarea.org
Nee Christopher Physical Education & Health 2103 neec@hopewellarea.org
Nelson Dean Cyber Education Coordinator 2102 nelsond@hopewellarea.org
Rowe Douglass Vice Principal   rowed@hopewellarea.org 
Samek Mike Social Studies 2310 samekm@hopewellarea.org
Scheib  Lauren  Special Education  2308  scheibl@hopewellarea.org 
Sforza Robert Spanish & Latin 2333 sforzar@hopewellarea.org
Short Don Athletic Director 2006 adoffice@hopewellarea.org
Shuleski Mike Math 2322 shuleskim@hopewellarea.org
Signorelli Christina Science 2317 signorellic@hopewellarea.org 
Sill  Tara  Physical Education  2011  sillt@hopewellarea.org
Singletary  Morgan  Special Education  2304  singletarym@hopewellarea.org 
Slapikas Nicholas English 2207 slapikasn@hopewellarea.org 
Smith Raymon Math 2321 smithray@hopewellarea.org
Smith William Computer Science 2327 smithb@hopewellarea.org
Spinnenweber Larry Language Arts 2104 spinnenl@hopewellarea.org
Steele Kelsey Latin 2334 steelek@hopewellarea.org 
Toney Greg Business Education 2319 toneyg@hopewellarea.org
Valentine Stephanie Business Education 2318 valentines@hopewellarea.org 
Vallecorsa  Letitia  Secretary  2002  vallecorsa@hopewellarea.org 
Vallecorsa  Martin  Social Studies  2307  vallecorsam@hopewellarea.org 
Vanyo Maria Counselor 2025 vanyom@hopewellarea.org
Veights Sean Math 2337 veightss@hopewellarea.org 
Vestal Dave Math & Science 2303 vestald@hopewellarea.org
Weiss Matthew Special Education 2200 weissm@hopewellarea.org 
Welsh Sharon Math 2336 welshs@hopewellarea.org
Winters Jason Science 2325 wintersj@hopewellarea.org
Witterman Mark Social Studies 2208 wittermanm@hopewellarea.org
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