Homework Policy

Homework Policy

I believe that homework is an important tool that provides students with extra practice of skills that are taught in class.  Homework will NEVER be used as punishment.

Here are some guidelines for completing homework:

  • Homework is due the next day after it is assigned, unless specified by the teacher.
  • It should be completed by the student.  If a student cheats or is given answers, the assignment won't count.
  • Students should take any materials home that will help them complete homework.
  • Each homework assignment is worth 1 point.  To receive a point, students must complete an assignment on their own, turn it in on time, and show good effort (i.e. attaching scratch paper, showing work, evidence of eraser marks, etc).  A cumulative grade for homework is given each 9 week grading period, so missing several assignments can have a negative impact on a student's grade.
  • A point can be earned as long as the student put forth a lot of effort and did their best work.  Earning a point is NOT dependent on having every answer correct!
Late Assignments
Assignments will be accepted late with a valid excuse such as illness or a death in the family.  Points will not be deducted with a valid excuse.

When an assignment is late and no excuse is given, the student is given another opportunity (usually at recess) to complete the assignment for a 1/2 point.

If an assignment is not completed after the second chance, the student will earn a "0" for that assignment.

If homework is continually being turned in late, parents will be contacted to address the issue and work toward a solution.
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