Locker Room Procedures

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Locker Room Procedures

Locker Room Procedures

¨ The Junior High isnot liablefor personal belongings. Any student found to be in the procession of another’s belongings without consent will be dealt with in accordance with the school policy.

¨ You have the opportunity tosecure items of value in your teachers officeIf you value it you should take advantage of this opportunity.

¨ You may bring in a personal lock for the lockers. However,the lock must be removed at the end of the period. If not removed the custodians will cut the lock off so that others can use the storage space. Remember the Junior High is not liable for personal belongings. 

¨ All students are to keep the locker room clean. A locker room that isnotmessy is a safe locker room and does not pose an unsanitary hazard.

¨ Use of cell phones, taking pictures with a cell phone, or any camera is strictly prohibited in the locker room. No exceptions!

¨ Locker rooms are for changing your clothing for Physical activity not for horseplay-get changed and report to the gym floor as quickly as possible so we can begin class.

¨ The locker rooms in the Gym B area will be locked after all have finished dressing. If you need to use the rest rooms use the ones near the lobby and Tech. Ed. Room. If you are using the Pool the locker rooms will not be locked entering from the Pool area. You will be required to sign the hall pass sheet when leaving either Gym B or the Pool area.

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