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P.E. Rules and Policies

·        Keep hands to yourself.

·        No profanity

·        Report all injuries to the teacher.

·        No taking of other’s possessions.

·        Students will stay in the gym until the bell rings.

·        Students will not “make fun” of another student.

·        Students will not bully others.

·        No “horseplay” in the gym or locker room.

·        No gum chewing.

·        Use equipment only in the manner for which it was intended.

·        Ask permission to use any equipment.

·        Students are not to leave the gym unless they ask permission.

·        No talking while the teacher is talking.

P.E. Daily Procedures

·        Line up in squads for attendance and proper dress.

·        Warm up activities.

·        Explanation/demonstration of skills, rules and or strategies.

·        Drills for skill development.

·        Game play (if appropriate to play a game that day)

·        Fitness Center and Weight Room workouts.

·        Heart rate monitors used for various fitness activities.

Consequences For Not Abiding By The P.E. Rules And Policies.

·        “Time Out” during P.E. class.

·        Warning by the teacher – Level 1

·        Second offense – one after school or lunch detention will be assigned by the teacher.

·        Phone call to parent about the student’s behavior.

·        Removal of the student from P.E. until behavior improves (Time Out Center)

·        Student will be responsible for activity missed.

·        Not dressing for P.E. class may result in being placed in the Time Out Center during the gym class period, writing an essay on the topic related to the class.

·        Appropriate Discipline Level


·        Increased physical fitness level.

·        Quality instruction and activity.

·        Fun and relaxation

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