Policies and Guidelines

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Policies and Guidelines

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Semi-Formal Rules


  1. All Hopewell students attending the Semi-Formal must be in school on Friday, December 15, 2017 from 7:35am to 2:20pm.
  2. Any Hopewell High School student interested in attending the Semi-Formal MUST NOT have monetary debts with any school sponsored club/organization or be under social suspension.
  3. Dates/escorts are not mandatory. If a person wishes to go alone, arrangements to accommodate him/her will be made.
  4. No one below ninth grade or above 20 years of age is permitted to attend the event.
  5. No high school graduate/drop out/G.E.D. student will be permitted to attend the event unless an interview is set up with Mr. Rowe and the organization sponsors on December 7th, 2017 at 2:30 pm (in the high school cafeteria). The graduate/withdrawal, Hopewell High School student, and the parent/guardian of the Hopewell High School student must attend this meeting held in the high school cafeteria or schedule an appointment with Mr. Rowe prior to December 8th. An exception to this meeting will only apply if your date graduated from Hopewell High School or attended either the semi-formal or prom in previous years.
  6. Any person planning to attend the Semi-Formal who is not currently enrolled at Hopewell High School must upload a photocopy of his/her current student ID, driver’s license, or State ID the registration process.  This must be completed in order to receive a ticket.
  7. Any high school student not attending Hopewell High School must submit a PERMISSION SLIP signed by a parent/guardian and his/her high school principal before a ticket can be picked up.
  8. Any Hopewell High School student attending the Semi-Formal must have a parent/guardian sign the receipt received after completing the registration process.  This signed document acknowledges receipt and acceptance of the rules and guidelines explained on this page.  No tickets will be given to the students without presenting the signed receipt.
  9. Participants will be greeted at the Fez by the administration, faculty, and sponsors. When entering the ballroom, each participant will state his/her name. If a person has graduated, withdrawn, or attends another school, photo identification must be present to show proof of age. This identification should match the photocopied picture/information previously submitted when tickets were purchased. If this is a problem, contact Mr. Rowe by December 7th, 2017 to rectify concerns.
  10. Students are permitted to leave the Semi-Formal only in the case of a family emergency provided a parent/guardian contacts an administrator.
  11. This event is an official school function. All school rules apply. The dance is non-smoking and alcohol free. Police officers/monitors will be placed in bathrooms and designated areas to enforce this policy.
  12. This event is a dress up occasion. All participants must remain respectfully dressed the entire evening.
  13. Participants and/or their bags will be searched as they enter the Fez.
  14. Participants may not bring food or beverages of any kind in to the Fez.
  15. If a participant is not cooperative, the Hopewell Township Police Department will handle the situation.
  17. Any student unable to attend the Semi-Formal due to an infraction of school disciplinary policies will not have his/her money refunded. His/her date will be permitted to attend on his/her own if he/she were not involved with the disciplinary incident.
  18. Any student under social suspension or with outstanding monetary debts will not be eligible to attend the Semi-Formal.


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