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Cyber Coordinator
(724)375-6691 x 2102
Code Course Name
EN100CY Cyber English 9
EN110CY Cyber English 9 Academic
EN200CY Cyber English 10
EN210CY Cyber English 10 Academic
EN500CY Cyber American Literature 11
EN510CY Cyber British Literature 12
Social Studies
Code Course Name
CY220 Cyber Sociology Part 1 @
CY225 Cyber Sociology Part 2 @
HI110CY Cyber Civics 9 Academic
HI200CY Cyber Trad World Cultures 10
HI210CY Cyber World Cultures Acad 10
HI300CY Cyber US History Acad 11
HI310CY Cyber US History Trad 11
HI400CY Cyber Econ/POD Trad 12
HI410CY Cyber Econ/POD Acad 12
HI600CY Cyber Intro Psychology @
Code Course Name
MA100CY Cyber Math 1 -9
MA110CY Cyber Math 2 -10
MA210CY Cyber Algebra Concepts 1A
MA220CY Cyber Algebra Concepts 1B 
MA230CY Cyber Algebra 1
MA240CY Cyber Algebra 2 Concepts
MA250CY Cyber Algebra 2
MA260CY Cyber Accelerated Algebra 2/10
MA270CY Cyber College Algebra 12
MA300CY Cyber Geometry Concepts
MA310CY Cyber Geometry
MA320CY Cyber Accelerated Geometry
MA400CY Cyber Algebra 3/Trig
MA500CY Cyber Intro Statistics @
MA600CY Cyber Pre-Calculus *
Code Course Name
SC110CY Cyber Science 2
SC120CY Cyber Science 3
SC200CY Cyber Biology 1
SC300CY Cyber Chemistry 1
SC400CY Cyber Physics 11
CY200 Cyber Intro to Anatomy Part 1 @
CY205 Cyber Intro to Anatomy Part 2 @
Code Course Name
PE700CY Cyber Health @
PE710CY Cyber Physical Ed @
Code Course Name
BE200CY Cyber Intro to Business A @
BE210CY Cyber Intro to Business B @
BE600CY Cyber Entrepreneurship @
BE700CY Cyber Personal Finance @
CY110 Cyber Computer Literacy @
CY180 Cyber Game Design @
CY210 Cyber Leadership Career Dev @
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