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Seating Reservations

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Please follow the instructions to ensure a successful reservation.
  1. Review the table reservations prior to submitting your reservation. 
  2. Determine your desired table and ensure there are spaces available. (Blank Entries)
  3. Enter your first & last name as well as one of your seating codes.
    • The seating codes are located on the back of your ticket.  If you are bringing a date there are 2 unique codes, one for you and one for your date.
    • None of the codes contain the letter "O".  Any resemblance to the letter is actually the number zero (0).
  4. Select your table.
  5. Click "Submit"
  6. Review your selection
  7. Repeat the process for your date using their name.  A unique seating code must be used (also on the ticket).
Table reservations are final and you will only have one opportunity to reserve your seat.  If any legitimate errors occur, please see Mr. Nelson.  He will fix errors, but he will not change seats. 
Think about ettiquette....if someone is already sitting at a table...BEFORE you sign up, ask yourself the following questions...
  1. Do I know the people sitting at the table?
  2. Have I spoken to those people to see if they have room at their table?
  3. Are we (my date and I) planning to reserve seats at the same table?
Please don't cause problems if they can be avoided. 

Seat Reservation


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