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Video Production

Lip Dub 2014


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Introduction to Video Production


Introduction to Video Production is designed to familiarize students with the process and procedures of video production. Students will explore the history of film and the various occupations of the video industry. The course will promote analysis and critique of motion pictures. During the course students will participate in the entire video production process: scriptwriting, performing, filming, editing, and advertising.





            -Digital Moviemaking by Lynn S. Gross and Larry W. Ward (5th edition)

            Introduction to Media Production by Robert B. Musburger and Gorham Kindem                 (4th edition)

            -Filmmaking for Teens by Troy Lanier and Clay Nichols (2nd edition)

            -Save the Cat: The Last Book on Screenwriting That You'll Ever Need by Blake                 Snyder





            October Sky

            Citizen Kane




Grades are based on a total points system. Students earn grades through classwork, homework, quizzes, exams, projects, and participation.




I expect that you will

1. Represent yourself with honor

2. Respect others

3. Take responsibility for your present and your future

4. Strive for excellence in all that you do

5.Follow the rules in the school handbook

6. Arrive before the bell with all necessary materials

7.Maintain a posture of attentiveness

8. Avoid distractions and distracting others

9. Set aside all drinks, food, electronics, and non-instructional objects

10. Use all instructional time as an opportunity to improve


Scope and Sequence


Week One

-Scriptwriting and Acting 101-Createa short Western skit

-History of Film (Youtube Videos)


Week Two

-Chapter 1 Overview of Moviemaking

-Vimeo Videos

-Hugo: amateur film evaluation


Week Three

-Chapter 3 Cameras

-Framing stills


Week Four

-Still camera work

-Seabiscuit: Evaluate camerawork


Week Five

-Chapter 2 Planning a movie

-Planning a silent narrative movie


Week Six

-Silent movie, watch examples

-Learn Adobe Premiere

-Adobe Premiere handbook


Week Seven

-Edit, watch and evaluate silent movies

-Use adobe premiere


Week Eight

-Chapter 4 Image capturing


Week Nine

-Image capturing continued

-Complete a shot list and sequence







                                                Whenever assignments

                                                1.Make a Movie that Tells..pgs. 27-35 take home

                                                2.Homework Make a Movie the tells...pgs. 67-73 take home

                                                3.Save the Cat Chapter 1 and take home quiz

                                                4.Make a Movie that Tells..pgs. 5-13 give an example of a 3 act

Week Ten

-Watch music videos and lip dubs

-Plan a music video


Week Eleven

-Music Video shooting and editing

-Include multiple shot types and editing sequences


Week Twelve

-Edit, watch and evaluate music videos


Week Thirteen

-Chapter 5 lights


Week Fourteen

-Chapter 6 lighting

-Use TV studio to set up lighting scenarios


Week Fifteen

-Plan and prepare an interview setting

-Conduct an interview paying special attention to lighting


Week Sixteen

-Edit and evaluate interviews

-Chapter 7 Audio


Week Seventeen

-Chapter 7 continued

-Begin PSA   


Week Eighteen

-Produce PSAs

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