Classroom Management

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Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Sammy Seal is displayed holding three balloons—one green, one yellow and one red.
All the children’s names appear around the seal.

 If a child commits an infraction of any of the rules listed, a verbal reminder of the classroom rule is given.                                                                  (Two verbal reminders are usually given before action is taken.)

 If the infraction continues to occur, the child’s name is moved to the green balloon as a visual reminder of the improper behavior.

 If subsequent infractions occur, the child’s name is moved to the yellow balloon and he or she consequently will miss part of the day’s playtime. During this time, the child will be encouraged to reflect on the inappropriate behavior and discuss with the teacher acceptable conduct.

 If the child continues to disobey the rule, his or her name is moved to the red balloon and he or she, in turn, will mill all playtime for the day. Again, a discussion will follow on appropriate conduct.

 Additionally, in an effort to reinforce “good behavior,” consistent appropriate behaviors are often rewarded through special treats or privileges.

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