June Board Meetings

Public Board Meeting

HASD will hold board meetings in June 2020 with Board members gathering “in person”. The District will adhere to recommended guidelines as Beaver County remains in the “yellow” phase of re-opening due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following these guidelines means that social distancing must be used and gatherings are limited in number. Please see the following as to how the June board meetings will be organized: 

  • ?  Board members, solicitor, and administration will meet in the JH cafeteria. Social distancing will occur among these individuals. 

  • ?  All other community members wishing to attend the meeting, will be able to use the Zoom platform to attend the meeting. Any public member interested in viewing the meeting will need to contact Nancy Barber, Board Secretary, at 724.375.6691 or ?barbern@hopewellarea.orgby noon of the day of the Board meeting. When signing up for the meeting, you will be asked to provide your name, address, and the specific email address that will be used to access the meeting. An invitation will be sent via email to those interested in viewing the meeting. ?Only those who sign up will be permitted in the virtual meeting.

  • ?  If a community member has signed up to participate in the meeting, but remains in the waiting room. Please email maslykj@hopewellarea.org to state who you are and what your device may be titled. Most likely, your device is not identifying you by your name or email. By emailing Dr. Maslyk, she will be able to permit your entrance to the meeting once you are identified. 

  • ?  During the virtual meeting, it is asked that all participants “mute” their microphone. Only board members or administration will speak during the meeting, with the exception of the visitor’s section. The District reserves the right to mute any participant if necessary. 

    Recording and Posting of Board Meeting

    The meeting will be recorded and will be posted on the website later in the week. All participants should be reminded that voice, video and chat box comments are recorded and are part of public record.

    Public Questions or Comments for Board Meeting

    Any member of the public wishing to speak during the board meeting may address the board one of the three ways listed below. We ask that questions or comments are limited to three minutes. After all visitors have an opportunity to speak, visitors may make additional comments, if desired. The District reserves the right to mute any participant, if necessary.

1.?Any question or comment can be sent via email to Nancy Barber, Board Secretary, at 724.375.6691 or ?barbern@hopewellarea.orgwith the community member’s name, address, email, and question/comment. Questions or comments are due to Mrs. Barber by noon on the day of the board meeting. During the visitors’ portion of the virtual meeting, the questions and/or comments will be read. 

2.?During the visitor’s portion of the virtual meeting, a community member may type his or her name and address in the “Chat Box”. When recognized, the community member may address the School Board. 

3.?A community member can also contact Nancy Barber, Board Secretary, at 724.375.6691 or barbern@hopewellarea.orgrequesting to speak to the Board. You will need to provide Mrs. Barber with your name and address by noon on the day of the meeting.

If possible, a response may be given during the meeting. It is possible, however, that no response to a question or comment will be made during the virtual meeting. The Board will instruct the Superintendent, the Business Administrator and/or the Solicitor to either respond to the inquiry or do further research and report back to the Board and/or the resident.

Board Agenda

A Board agenda will be posted on the website the Wednesday before each virtual board meeting. Any additions to the Board agenda will be posted by noon on the day of the meeting. While conducting virtual meetings, the Board has agreed to only vote on the items that are on the posted final agenda. No new motions will be presented and voted on during the virtual meeting.

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