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Reflect on the First Half of the Quarter

The beginning of a school year is like New Year’s Eve.  Students (and educators) make resolutions that they intend to keep, only to forget about them a few weeks or even a few days later.  It happens to everyone.  High aspirations for grades, behavior, athletic success – these are all noble pursuits that unfortunately sometimes fall by the way side once routine sets in. 

Here’s the good news:  it is not too late to reignite the drive to make your goals reality.  Having recently passed the midway point of the first nine weeks grading period, now is a good time for self-reflection and questioning. 

It is as simple as asking yourself, “Are my goals being met and if not, what should I be doing differently to meet my goals that I currently am not doing?” 

If your grades are not where you want them to be, have you stayed after school for help?  Have you completed all of the assignments to the best of your ability and turned them in on time?  Can you think of someone that you know who is doing well and identify some character traits that they possess that fuel their success? 

If you are not getting as much playing time as you would like, could you be working harder in practice?  Is there more mental preparation that you could be doing before competitions?  Are you committed to team success or are you an individual?

If you are tardy or missing school frequently, do you go to bed early enough at night to get a proper rest?  Do you understand that showing up is half the battle? 

Self-reflection is an important tool that successful people from all walks of life regularly employ.  It is never too late for self-reflection, but just as the leaves are beginning to turn and Fall is in the air, Spring rains will be here before you k now it.  You will have a better chance of realizing your goals by recommitting to them through self-reflection in the first nine weeks than you will in the fourth.  

-Mr. Rowe

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