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The Rainbow and the Bee – A True Story

While I was cutting my grass the other night, it began to rain, which wasn’t cool.  But then a brilliant and fully formed double rainbow appeared over my house.  Pretty cool.  As I was looking at the image that was made of the rainbow framing my kids at play in the rain in my yard, I was stung by a bee.  Back to being not cool.  

Life is what you choose to make of it.  My mantra for the year is to be positive in all situations.  Having said that, I’m going to choose to remember the brilliance of the rainbow rather than the the little bugger that stung me. 

As students, you have a choice every year, every week, every day.  Your experience at Hopewell will be what you choose to make of it.  You can choose to be an active participant in your education or you can accept mediocrity.  You can choose to be involved in the school or you can say that there is nothing to do.  You can choose to help someone who is struggling or you can look the other way.  You can choose to think for yourself or you can join the crowd.  You can choose the positive over the negative.  

The teachers, support staff and administration have chosen to commit themselves to having a great year and to the success of every student.  My hope is that students will choose to have a wonderful and positive experience at Hopewell High School this year.  If the first few days of the year are any indication, we are heading in the right direction.   

-Mr. Rowe