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Kindergarten Already?

Last week, my oldest daughter went to kindergarten and my family and I have been overjoyed at watching her begin her educational journey.  Some people are sad when their children go to school or reach other milestones in life.  As a realist, I understand that after two years of preschool, kindergarten is the next logical step for her, but the Dad in me remembers the peanut that we brought home from the hospital, no bigger than a football, that I could hold in one hand.  In fact, the first night we brought her home, she slept on my chest while we watched game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals, which the Pens won 4-2.  That game still ranks as my favorite game I have ever watched, and not because the Pens won. 

My point?  It feels like yesterday that we brought my daughter home from the hospital and today she is in kindergarten.  The past five years have flown by.  I don’t want to think about how fast the next five years are going to go.  So too will your time at Hopewell fly by.  Whether you are a freshman and are still trying to find your way around the building, or you are a senior and “can’t wait to get out of here,” before you know it you will be in the real world.  Enjoy your time at Hopewell.  Make the most of it now while you can. Make your own game 3 memory, because as proud of my daughter as I am now, the realist in me knows I can’t go back to that time again.  Thankfully though, I can think of those memories and smile.  Don’t wish for your life to speed up; it will do that on its own.  Slow things down and make your own memories now so that when you are finally out of here, you can look back and smile on your time at Hopewell. 


-Mr. Rowe