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Ciucci, Marjorie


Bienvenue a la classe de francais!
Rules for French Class

1. You are responsible for bringing your textbook, workbook, notebook, folder, anda pencilto classevery day. I will not accept tests or quizzes written in pen. Failure to bring the required materials could result in receiving a zero for an assignment, test, or quiz, or in serving detention. You will not be permitted to use the hall pass to get any of these materials from your locker after class begins. I will not loan you class materials, so don’t ask. This room is not your locker, so do not leave your materials in my room.

2. There is no reason why anyone cannot get to my class in the allotted time (four minutes). You are to be in the classroom when the late bell rings. If you will be late, bring a signed pass from the teacher in your previous class. Repeated tardiness will result in detention.

3. The hall pass is a privilege and should only be used in emergency situations. Students should ask for the hall pass before class begins and at the end of the period after all work is complete. You cannot learn if you are not in the classroom.

4.  I will confiscate any cell phone I see in my class. Cell phones must be turned off from 7:30 to 2:17. If I take a cell phone, it must be picked up in the office after school. Please refer to the new cell phone policy given to you by your homeroom teacher. This applies to all electronic devices.

5. When absent, it is your responsibility to make up all work you have missed. You are to turn in all missed work in a timely manner depending on the length of your absence. You must find the time to see me about missed work because I will not discuss this during your class. I am available every day after school until 3:00, and during homeroom. 
All tests and quizzes must be made up during study hall or after school.
6. You will be given adequate time to complete all assignments. There is no reason other than absence to turn your assignments in late. If you are present on the day an assignment it given, it must be turned in on the designated due date or no credit will be given.
7. There will be absolutely no talking during tests until all papers have been collected. If you have questions, direct them to me. Find something to do quietly until all students have finished. Do not ask for the hall pass. If you are absent the day of a test or quiz, plan on making it up within 3 days of your return.
8. I follow the standard grading procedure for the high school. Your grade will be calculated on the total point you accumulate during a grading period and converted to a percent according to the following scale: 
                     90% - 100%    A  (3.6 - 4.0)
                     80% - 92%     B  (2.6 - 3.5)
                     70% - 82%     C  (1.6 - 2.5)
                     60% - 69%     D  (0.7 - 1.5)
                     0% - 59%     E   (0.0 - 0.6)
  •  You have nine weeks to accumulate points. If you decide to ignore your assignments and do not study for tests and quizzes, do not complain if your grade is not what you expect. I do not give grades. You earn them. Please keep track of your grades so that you know where you stand. I will only make corrections if you have all returned papers.

    *Students may have the opportunity to do extra credit assignments, but this will not be necessary if you do all of your work and pay attention in class.

    **Food and drinks are prohibited in my classroomin accordance with school policy. Please refer to the Student Handbook.


  • Mrs. Ciucci

    Phone:  724-375-6691 ext. 2331
    About me...
    My French teacher at Hopewell High School inspired me to become a French teacher, too.  I received my degree in education from Slippery Rock State College (now University), and I earned a Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counseling from Penn State Beaver. 
    I am married and I am the mother of two daughters, and I have an adorable bulldog named Pudge.  I enjoy reading, traveling, and attending high school sporting events.  I love teaching and have had many wonderful students.
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