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Kanitra, Dianne

Information about me

If you need to contact me by phone call 724-375-6691, Extension 3, Extension 2307 and leave a message.  I will return your call as soon as possible.  E-mail me at [email protected]

I graduated from Clarion State University and have taught at Hopewell for 26 years.

I presently teach Honors World Cultures and Advanced Social Studies.

On the first day in class, all students received a printed copy of  my grading
practices, classroom rules, and course syllabus.  In case you haven't seen this paper, at the end of the nine weeks, all quizzes are averaged to make one grade, all homework is averaged to make one grade, each test and project is an individual grade.  All of the grades are averaged to get the final nine weeks' grade.  Quizzes and Homework will not show up in the on line grade book until the end of the nine weeks.  Ask your child to see the graded papers which are usually returned the next day except homework papers which take a little longer for me to read and grade.
Students should attend class regularly with their book and/or work needed, writing utensil, and notebook. If students miss any written assignment, their name will have a check mark beside whatever work is missing, posted on the wall by the entrance to the room.  If there is any missing work at the end of the nine weeks, that student will receive a 0% as the nine weeks' grade until the missing work is completed.  No student will pass either class for the year if any work is missing at the end of the year!

We begin the year in Honors World Cultures with class discussion of current events.  We then go back 4 million years to develop man and the start of history.  Next we trace the development of the early civilizations, Greece, Rome, Byzantine Empire, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, Exploration, Absolutism, Enlightenment, Age of Revolution, Growth of Democracy, Imperialism,World War I, World War II, and the Modern World of Post World War II.

In Advanced Social Studies we also start the year with class discussion of Current Events.  Then we turn to the study of Political Science.  We study the concept of government and various types of governments with concentration on our Federal, State, and Local governments and how they work.  Geography is our next area of study.  We become more familiar with locations and life in many countries all over the world.  We spend approximately ten weeks on the study of the major Religions of the world looking at them from a scholarly point of view.  We end the year with the study of Economics including its vocabulary, business types, workers, money, and taxes. 
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