Donna Steff
Language Arts Teacher
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Building/Department Assignments:
Hopewell Memorial Junior High School - Junior High Staff

Biographical Information:
I believe that my mission as a teacher is threefold:
to promote positive learning;
to spark learner enthusiasm for learning;
and to provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
I believe that by participating in reading and writing, students can construct meaning from their own experiences by prompting them to think critically about their world. Open class discussion is essential to my classroom participation. In teaching literary texts, I emphasize the variety of interpretations possible; and while offering cultural, historical, and biographical contexts. I encourage students to formulate and share their own responses in class discussions and writing assignments. To create an atmosphere of trust, I strive to demonstrate respect for all student responses. I have found that learning from students is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching. When sharing my knowledge with students, I encourage them to use that knowledge as a starting point for developing their own approaches to language arts. I strive to listen intently to my students’ views and learn from my students’ discoveries. I believe that fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect that is beneficial to teaching and learning.

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