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 I am Annette Doria and am thrilled to be teaching at Margaret Ross Elementary!
I believe that Kindergarten is one of the most important years for your child’s education. I am looking forward to working with you to
help your child reach his or her full potential! 


Our Classroom Rules:
1. Raise your hand to speak.
2. Be a caring friend.
3. Listen when someone is speaking.
4. Follow directions quickly.
5. Always do your best work! 
Our Class Reward System: 
 If the entire class is sitting nicely and following directions they ear marbles.  They might earn 2 for walking through the hall quietly, 4 for doing their work quietly, and more if they are all participating and following directions well!  They may also be taken away if the class as a whole is being disruptive.
Our Class Behavior Plan:
The front of my desk has green, yellow, and red tanks.  Each student has their own monster.  They all start on green as good listeners.  If a student is not listening and being disruptive, that student will move his or her monster to the yellow tank and lose 5 minutes of recess. If it continues, they move to red and miss 10 minutes.  If the behavior continues, a call home is made and further steps are taken accordingly.
Students' Daily Behavior Charts:
Each student will get a behavior chart each week.  Their behavior will be recorded for their families to see how their student's day was.  This chart will reflect what color tank the student's monster was on in the morning, lunch/recess, and in the afternoon.
*Students that receive green check marks  for the entire week will be able to participate in Fun Day Friday!  If a student does not stay on green the entire week, they will be able to work towards it again the following week.
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