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Mr. Thellman's Classes
Room 218

Telephone Number:  724-375-7765  Ext. 4218
Email Address:  thellmanj@hopewellarea.org

B.A. in Business Management from Westminster College
Teaching Certificate in Secondary Mathematics from Geneva College
This will be my 16th year of teaching in the Hopewell Area School System

Classroom Rules:
1.  Be on time.
2.  Be prepared.  ( Pencil, Notebook, Textbook, Planner and Assignments)
3.  Respect yourself and all other students.
4.  Work to the bell.

Algebra 1 is a more intensive approach to Algebra focusing on a variety of algebraic topics to include:  linear equations, polynomials, factoring, graphing, working with rational and irrational numbers and developing problem solving skills.

Algebra 1A covers the first part of an Algebra 1 course with the focus on problem solving of various algebraic functions relative to patterns and linear functions, proportional and linear functions, computation, measurement, and estimation, multiple representations, functions/number systems, reasoning and connections.

Math 8 covers the second portion of the "Bridge to Algebra" Program that engages students in problem solving through concrete, real life scenarios.  The course is comprised of a traditional classroom approach to instruction with exposure to a cognitive computer based tutor.  Topics to be covered include:  fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, percents, proportions, computation and some Geometry terms.
Students will be graded using the following scale.
98% - 100%     A+
93% - 97%       A
90% - 92%       A-
87% - 89%       B+
83% - 86%       B
80% - 82%       B-
77% - 79%       C+
73% - 76%       C
70% - 72%       C-
67% - 69%       D+
63% - 66%       D
60% - 62%       D-
59% or less       E
All grades will be calculated using total points.
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