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Hopewell's Keystone Exam Remediation FAQs

The following information answers questions concerning Hopewell's remediation procedures.

The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to evaluate proficiency in academic content. Hopewell High School students take the following Keystone exams: Biology (grade 9), Literature (Grade 10), Algebra (various grades but at the conclusion of either Algebra 1 or Algebra 1B).

Beginning with the class of 2019, students must demonstrate proficiency on the Algebra I, Literature, and Biology Keystone Exams to graduate.

This is not a district, superintendent or principal policy. This is mandated to Pennsylvania public school students and schools by the PA Department of Education.

Additionally, students will be offered multiple opportunities to take the Keystones throughout their high school career. In order to assist students in preparation for opportunities to retake the Keystone Exam after an unsuccessful first effort, school districts must offer remediation opportunities for students.

We have not yet received official Keystone score reports to share with parents and students; as soon as those score reports are available they will be distributed students and parents.

In late July, we received a raw data file of all student scores, this contained score information for each student tested in the spring of 2017. We then utilized the raw data files with existing data to identify students whose scores were basic or below. We subsequently created sections to allow students to be added into courses.

Teachers worked over the summer to develop content and strategies to promote student success on the Keystone subject areas. The focus in these courses will be eligible content from the Keystone material as well as literacy content to facilitate student success. Students will receive a full credit for the English and Biology courses and will be enrolled in the course for the year.

American Literature -- Keystone course will include the content of our Grade 11 American literature course with a focus on supplementing eligible content to prepare students for retesting on the Keystone content. Course is year-long and counts as the 11th grade English credit.

Biology literacy course will provide an in depth look at eligible content for the biology keystone exam through the development of scientific literacy skills in our students. Course is year-long and counts as one science credit Algebra remediation will continue as a component of the geometry and geometry concept classes with in class activities to supplement the remediation needs of students. Students requesting additional algebra remediation may utilize on line resources through the Hopewell High School Cyber Academy.

Remediation in these courses is provided in this way in order to keep students on track in regards to credits, graduation requirements and also to allow continued participation in Beaver County Career and Technology Programs and dual enrollment programs. It really is the least disruptive way to keep students on track academically.

Students with a desire to take chemistry or physics in addition to your assigned biology class can complete a schedule change request and simply request to add Chemistry or Physics to their schedule. Every effort will be made to add those courses to the student’s schedule. In cases where that is not possible, students may have options to complete those courses through the Hopewell High School Cyber Academy.

Be assured that any changes on new information provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education will be communicated with parents, students and staff as soon as possible. Questions, Comments, Etc.

Feel free to contact Mr. Allison at 724 375 6691 x 2021; he is the best resource for your concerns or information
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