Q: What is the 1:1 initiative? (Pronounced “One to One”) 

A: It is a program to provide every student with a mobile device. The type may differ by grade level. A device is a tool to enhance education and to help integrate new instructional strategies in order to integrate real-world learning skills in the classroom. 

Q: When may I receive the District-issued 1:1 device? 

A: Distribution, also referred to as ‘roll-out’, will occur near the beginning of the school year on dates to be determined by District Administration. Dates will be posted on the District website and social media. 

Q: What happens if my parents refuse to sign the 1:1 Handbook? 

A: Students will not be permitted to use any school-owned electronic device, including Chromebooks, tablets, and computers. Additionally, access to the school’s wireless internet and email will be prohibited. 

Q: Who owns the 1:1 device? 

A: The School District owns the device. It is therefore very important that students take good care of it, leave the tags in place, don't damage it or write on it, as it doesn't actually belong to them. Students & Parents/Guardians may be responsible for accidental or intentional damage. Participation in the District provided insurance program will be required. 

Q: Must I use the District-provided case? 

A: Yes. Students must use the District provided case. It must not be removed for any reason. 

Q: May I decorate the District provided case or device? 

A: No, you may not decorate the case or the device itself. Devices or cases that have pencil/pen/magic marker writing, stickers, or any other marks on them may be viewed as vandalism. There may be an associated cost to restore the device to the original condition if the damage is deemed intentional. 

Q: May I take the District device home? 

A: Students may take the device home as long as the 1:1 Handbook has been signed and the non-refundable technology fee has been paid. 

Q: May I access the Internet from home with the district device? 

A: Yes. The devices will be connected to the internet when at school. You may use the device at home and access your home internet. The device is filtered through the school web filter even at home. For home and other off-campus use, students may need to use public wireless such as those found in many restaurants or use their personal home wireless network. Given the variety of public and private connections, the District may not be able to provide support for connectivity issues outside of the school buildings. 

Q: May I have an email account? 

A: Yes, students may have a District account. These email accounts are filtered in the same manner as our internet access. They are restricted for educational purposes only.

Q: Does the district have the right to access and view my electronic history? 

A: Yes, all communications and information transmitted by, received from, stored within, or that passes through l District resources may be archived, deleted, monitored, and reviewed for content or usage at any time by the administration. The District reserves the right to investigate suspected inappropriate use of the device using all available resources. 

Q: Is there anything special I should do with my device at home? 

A: Be sure to plug it in overnight so that you come to school with a fully charged battery. The power adapter for your device should remain at home. The District may have adapters available while in school. You may be responsible if your device is not ready for classwork every day. It may be viewed as if you have left your textbook at home if your device is not charged and ready to go every morning. 

Q: May I loan or swap my 1:1 device with another student? 

A: No. Each device is assigned to an individual student. Swapping or trading devices is NOT permitted. 

Q: How long may I have the 1:1 device? 

A: The device is yours to use during the school year. All devices and power adapters will be collected prior to summer break. Once school starts up again, you may receive either the same or a different device. Devices may be replaced by the District per an approved replacement schedule. 

Q: Is there anything I need to provide for my child’s use of the 1:1 device? 

A: Yes. We ask that parents/guardians purchase their own pair of headphones with a standard 3.5mm plug. Additonally students are allowed to use wireless mice on their devices if desired. 
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