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Korchnak, Bronwyn

Mrs. Korchnak's Contact information

Phone 724-375-6691 x2300

Academic and Professional Experience

I earned my Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Seton Hill College in 1996. I worked in an environmental lab before returning to Seton Hill for courses in Education.  I earned my teaching certificate and began my teaching career at Seton LaSalle High School in 1999.  
In 2002 I began my career at Hopewell High School.  I have taught various classes in the science department here, which include Earth Science, Physical Science, AP Chemistry, Chemistry 2, both Academic and Honors Chemistry, Science - 2 and Science - 3 (remedial levels of Chemistry and Physics).  
I am also the sponsor of the VIP, Vikings Influencing Peers, club.  This club focuses on educational positive outreach. This year we worked with Service Learning to bring the Rachel's Challenge assembly to our school.  This was both powerful and emotional for our student body, and has resulted in various projects and student-led ideas to spread kindness throughout our school community.
I am currently the Gifted Coordinator for Hopewell's Encore Program. This is my third year in the position and I absolutely love it!  I have attended PAGE conferences, PDE webinars, and other continuing education seminars to stay as current as I can within the gifted world.  I have also attended workshops on how to write better GIEP's for my students.  I am currently working towards a Masters Certificate of Gifted Education through Millersville University.  The courses I have taken so far have focused on the social and emotional needs of gifted children, gifted curriculum, and the GIEP process.  This semester I am taking the Psychology of the Gifted Child which I am finding directly impacts my interactions with our students.  As I discuss the latest research with them it is interesting to get their views on the topics.

Expectations For Students

Expectations For Students
The Encore Program continues to evolve as I learn more about the needs of my students and as new students participate in the program. Other changes are due to the latest in the PDE requirements of gifted education programs and teachers.  
This semester students are focusing on their personal growth and development.  Through various trips and activities the students are evaluating themselves on a higher level and expanding from their trips.  The NAGC has standards for gifted programming that are helping to formulate field trip choices and subsequent student self assessment rubrics.
The Encore room is open and available for students throughout the day.  Basic respect and appropriate behavior is the expectation of this classroom. Often the students will get into interesting conversations, help each other with the assignments, or even enjoy a few laughs as they relax and play Jelly Truck.  These times are as beneficial to the students as to myself to pick up on what they may need in terms of social and emotional needs, academic endeavors, and individualized enrichment opportunities.

Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities
Throughout the year there are many activities for students to participate in for their enrichment requirements.
Team Events:
    Academic Games
    Chain Reaction Contraption - Carnegie Science Center 
    Model United Nations - University of Pittsburgh  
   Fairchild Challenge - Phipps Conservatory
Popular yearly activities:
    Theatrical performances in Pittsbrugh Cultural District  
    Drama Day - Beaver Falls   with the CLO 

On a personal note...

On a personal note...
I have been teaching since 1999.  As I challenged my students to take on new pathways, I myself embarked on the professional training to become certified as a Gifted Coordinator. Within months of accepting this position my own son was identified as gifted.  He was in kindergarten!  It has been an intense emotional roller coaster ever since.  I have learned more about the gifted world then I ever thought I would.  I understand the fears, frustrations, and the pride associated with having a gifted child.

I consider my high school students to be my own kids for whom I need to advocate.  My goal is to provide opportunities for competitions, enrichment trips, and scholastic programs suitable for each individual's needs.  I will support each student, and stand beside them when necessary, while reinforcing that your child's experience is up to them. The more they utilize the Encore room, the more events in which they participate, the more a student will develop their inquisitive mind for lifelong learning.

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