Margaret Ross Elementary Drop off/Pick up Procedures

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Margaret Ross Elementary Drop off/Pick up Procedures

Margaret Ross Drop off/Pick up Procedures

Pickup/Drop off Procedures

Margaret Ross Elementary ~ Student Pickups

  • We will begin calling students who are being picked up at 3:15pm. We hope that as this is communicated with parents and guardians, we can get the kids through quicker and get you on your way. 

  • Parents will follow the similar path they have all year. The red arrows on the map will indicate how cars should proceed when coming to pick up your children. As families pick up their children and exit, the other cars will inch forward until they reach the front of the building (marked with a red X).

  • ALL of our buses will be positioned behind the school and pick up students there. They WILL NOT be called until all parent pickups are accomplished for the safety of all students.

  • Students who are being picked up will be called in the order they arrive to keep the flow of traffic moving as efficiently as possible 

  • As mentioned, please utilize the map to see how you should proceed when picking up your child. We want to ensure there is an easy flow of traffic to avoid blocking any entrances or exits. Please be patient as we work out the kinks as our pickups will almost double. It is much appreciated! Thank you!  

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