Pre-Algebra 7

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Pre-Algebra 7


Calculators are permitted in most cases, when the students provides their own.  Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS  is preferred.
September 10 - September 14
Monday :  3 - 3 Practice Worksheet # 1 - 22
Tuesday :   3 - 3 Worksheet Word Problems
Wednesday :   Quiz
Thursday :   3 - 4 Practice Worksheet
Friday :   3 - 5 Practice Worksheet
 Chapter 3 Exam next Wednesday


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Course Description

* Students are permitted to use a calculator unless otherwise specified by the teacher *

Prepare the students for Foundations of Algebra I
-  Incorporate writing and real world applications into the curriculum
-  Improve critical thinking and reasoning skills
-  Prepare for the PSSA
-  Use technology ( Math XL ) to enhance understanding

The Pre-Algebra 7 course is designed to prepare students for Foundations of Algebra I. It requires students to use algebraic concepts in multiple ways and pushes them to expand on their mathematical thinking.

The course is broken up into two components.
      The first component is the traditional classroom. Here the students are introduced to Algebraic concepts needed to ensure their success. Students work with Expressions, Equations and Variables. They work to see how these concepts relate to the real world and how they can be applied. The classroom helps to create the foundation that is needed to foster mathematical growth. The students learn the concepts and start to see how these concepts are related and how they are used in the real world.
The second component of the course is the technological component. Math XL is based on years of research and positive data. The program adapts itself to meet the individual needs of each and every student. It constantly tracks the student’s skills while analyzing strengths and identifying skills that need improvement. The problems generated are then geared toward the needs of each student. Each student will be given problems designed to fit their ability and growth. The idea of Math XL is that students can go faster or slower through lessons depending upon their mastery of the material. Grades for the computer are based on correctly completing a set number of quizzes per unit during the grading period.

Grading for the course is based upon total points.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email or call.

Pre - Algebra 7

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