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Virtual Instruction Days

Hopewell High School Virtual Instruction Day Guidelines - 2021-2022

During the 2021-2022 School Year, the Hopewell Area School District may utilize Virtual Instruction days due to possible school closure in regards to COVID-19, weather or mitigating circumstances. Currently, PDE does not set limits for the number of Virtual Instruction days in the 2021-22 school year. The guidance below outlines expectations for students and families districtwide. 

These guidelines may continue to remain in effect after the 2021-2022 school year, under the description of Flexible Instruction Days (FIDs), per PDE approval. Current PDE guidelines limit the use of FIDs to a maximum of five days after the 2021-2022 school year.  (PRINTABLE PDF VERSION)

If the District calls for a Virtual Instruction day, how will I know? 

Students and parents/guardians will be informed of a Virtual Instruction day through the District's notification systems in the same way that school closings and delays are currently announced. Notifications will be distributed via School Messenger and will be posted on the District's website. 

What will my child’s school schedule be on Virtual Instruction days? 

High SchoolJunior High SchoolElementary
19:00 - 9:309:15 - 9:4510:00 - 10:30
29:35 - 10:059:50 - 10:20
10:35 - 11:05
310:10 - 10:4010:25 - 10:55
11:10 - 11:40
410:45 - 11:1511:00 - 11:30
11:45 - 12:15
511:20 - 11:5011:35 - 12:05
12:20 - 12:50
611:55 - 12:2512:10 - 12:4012:55 - 1:25
712:30 - 1:0012:45 - 1:151:30 - 2:00
81:05 - 1:351:20 - 1:502:05 - 2:35
91:40 - 2:101:55 - 2:252:40 - 3:10
Office Hours2:15 - 2:552:30 - 3:103:15 - 3:55

What will be expected of my child during a Virtual Instruction Day? 

High School Grades 9-12? High School students are expected to log on to Schoology to access assignment information and are expected to access their synchronous class via teams following the above “bell schedule.” Each individual class will have a synchronous or in person learning activity, so your child is expected to join their class via Teams at the assigned time. Depending on the level of rigor or course content, students may need additional time outside of the 30 minute period to complete coursework. 

Students will complete all assigned coursework as assigned by the teacher. In some cases, simple assignments can be due the next day or when working on more complex assignments additional time may be allotted by the teacher. 

Any student who fails to complete their Virtual Instruction day assignment in the time frame directed by the teacher will be marked as absent unexcused for the class and will receive a zero on any graded assignment that was not submitted (unless there is an issue with internet connectivity). 

How does student attendance work? 

High School Grades 9 -12 Student attendance will be determined by the High School Students reporting their attendance via a Google Form sent in Schoology. Two reminders will be sent on each virtual day and students will need to record their attendance by completing the Google Form before noon. 

Just like with in person school, students may earn attendance for their school day but not earn credit for their individual class(es) or assignments. Class attendance and assignment credit will be earned by reporting to class in Teams, participating, and completing assignments as directed. 

Students should not report to school buildings on a Virtual Instruction day.

How can I contact a teacher or staff member during a Virtual Instruction Day? 

All teachers and professional staff members will be available via email during a Virtual Instruction day. This includes special area teachers such as music, art, library, physical education, special education teachers, reading specialists, as well as school counselors, nurses, speech therapists, and principals.

What if my child needs help with a lesson/assignment on a Virtual Instruction Day, will teachers be available to answer questions? 

Yes, all school-based staff members will be available to answer questions on a Virtual Instruction Day via email and/or Teams during the hours below.

High School 
Morning Hours 
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM 
Office Hours 
2:15 PM - 2:55 PM 

What happens if my child fails to complete his/her assignment(s)? 

Any student who fails to complete their remote learning day assignment in the time frame directed by the teacher will be marked as absent unexcused for the class and will receive a zero on any graded assignment that was not submitted.

What happens in the event of a power outage or internet connectivity issue on a Virtual Instruction Day? 

In the event a student encounters an issue related to internet access or power outages, parents/guardians are to send an email stating what occurred to either Mr. Allison ([email protected]) or Mrs. Engel([email protected]). Parents/Guardians may also phone the school and leave a voicemail message (724-375-6691 ext. 2020). Under these circumstances, one additional day is allotted for coursework completion.

My child has an IEP or 504 Plan, will his/her lesson be modified appropriately? 

The remote learning day lesson will be designed for students with special needs utilizing their program modifications, specially designed instruction identified in their individualized education plans or 504 Plan. Upon return from a remote learning day, teachers of students with special needs will meet with their students to review work submitted, checking for completion and understanding. Any related services (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech, etc.) scheduled during the remote learning day will be rescheduled according to the frequency requirements of the students’ individualized education plan or 504 Plan.

Will after school activities be canceled on a Virtual Instruction Day? 

Continuation of after school activities will be determined and communicated with families after a review by administration.
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