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Mrs. Burak

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Subject Area:
Autistic Support
Social Skills, Language Arts, History,Science,Support Study Hall

Contact Information:
[email protected]
724-375-6691 (Extension 4211)

HopewellArea Graduate
TEACCH- Certified (Structured work systems for working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders)
Bachelors of Science in Special Education- Slippery Rock University
Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education- Slippery Rock University
Masters Degree in Special Education- Slippery Rock University (Emphasis in Early Childhood Education)

Grading Policy
-Total Points system for grading in compliance with district grading policy

Homework-Homework assignments count for 2 points. Students will receive 2 points if completed on time, 1 point for 1 day late, .5 for 2 days late, and 0 points for 3 days beyond the assigned date.  
Assessments- all scored as total points grading system
Class Routines   
1. Be in seat when bell rings
2. Be prepared for class by having pencil, planner, and class books daily.
3. Focus on teachers for directives/instructions.
4.Copy all assignments in planner, and have teacher or paraprofessional initial planner daily.
Parental Assistance
1.Check planner daily for assignments, and projected test dates
2. All planners will be initialed by teacher or paraprofessionals to assure assignments are correct. Any completed class work will be marked "done" with a teacher initial.
3. Call or use email for any questions or concerns.
Class Rules
Note: Adjustments will be made on an individual basis as per behavior support plans.
1. Use inside voice.
2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
3. Listen to teachers and aides.
4. Raise your hand when needing help, or answering or asking a question.                                                                                                     
 5. Write all homework assignments in planner daily.
6. Finish all class or homework assignments.
Discipline Procedure
1. Warning
2. Name added to "Hot Box".
3.Check mark added to "Hot Box".
4. Second check mark added to "Hot Box".
5. Parent contacted- discipline report sent to office.
 Course Overviews
Language Arts-
         Language!- A comprehensive literacy curriculum that provides effective, explicit, sequential, linguistically logical and systematic system instruction for struggling readers, writers, speakers, and spellers.
         SRA Corrective Reading- A comprehensive program that provides opportunities for students to build competencies in word attack skills, to improve overall reading skills and accuracy, and to develop higher thinking and reasoning skills.
     Accesss Building through Learning- American History-A standards based program that builds students understanding of American History while developing their language proficiency in English.
       Teaching Standard to Science-A standards based systematic inquiry based approach to teaching that build students understanding of earth, biology, waters, and chemistry.
Social Skills-
     Social Skills Activities for Special Children-A systematic program to help students become aware of  acceptable social behavior and to help them develop a proficiency in acquiring basic social skills.
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