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Ms. Tierney's Page

Ms. Tierney's Page
Subject Area:
Learning Support Language Arts teacher grades fifth through eighth.
This Direct Instruction reading intervention program delivers tightly sequenced, carefully planned lessons that give struggling students the structure and practice necessary to become skilled, fluent readers and better learners. 
6th & 7th Grades:
5th grade:
SRA Corrective Reading Program 
Wilson Reading Program
Contact Information:

724-375-6691 Ext. 4211

[email protected]


Bachelor's of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Kent State University
Masters Degree in Special Education K-12 from Edinboro University

Classroom rules:


1.    Be prepared for class

2.    Respect others

3.    Use materials appropriately

4.    Raise your hand to speak

5.    Have planner every day

6.    Study hall students must have work!!




1.    Verbal warning

2.    Loss of classroom privileges

3.    Call home or note in planner

4.    Detention

5.    Sent to the office


Classroom routines:


1.    Come in, sit down

2.    Have only class materials and planner on desk

3.    Focus on teacher, attentively

4.    If absent, ask for missed work

5.    Turn in all assignments on time

6.    Copy all assignments in planner
Grades are calculated using total points and follow the district's grading scale of:
90-100                  A
80-89                    B
70-79                    C
60-69                    D
59 and below             E
The fifth grade McGraw-Hill Language Arts program correlates with the Common Core State Standards.  The students will become better readers, writers, and thinkers as we work through this program.  It moves at a slower pace to support developing learners as they read novels, plays, short stories, and poems.  Writing will take many forms preparing the students for the State Writing Assessments.  Grammar and editing instruction is integrated into every day's lesson.  
We use a program for reading, writing, and spelling in resource called the Wilson Reading System

The Wilson program is appropriate for students having difficulty in the reading process in grades two through twelve. This program explicitly and systematically teaches students how to fluently and accurately decode and spell. Unlike traditional phonics programs, Wilson instruction is interactive and includes a multisensory approach. It thoroughly teaches total word construction with the manipulation of sounds (tapping of the fingers), syllable, and suffix cards, not just phonics as a stand alone skill.

This program provides practice in both reading and spelling with controlled text. The words presented will contain only elements taught. This is key for student mastery. Irregular sight words are taught, along with fluency, vocabulary, expressive oral language, and comprehension.

The Wilson Reading System is designed to help students who have not internalized English language rules. These are students who have average and above average comprehension skills and poor decoding and spelling skills. This could include:

-Students who read slow and lack fluency (resulting in hindered comprehension of text)
-Students who memorize words by sight but have difficulty decoding new words or nonsense syllables
-Students who often guess at words
-Students with dyslexia
-Students who speak and understand English, but have difficulty reading and writing it
-Students who were not successful in traditional reading programs who continue to have major gaps in decoding and
and spelling skills

Adapted from: Wilson, Barbara. Wilson Reading System Instructor Manual, Third Edition. Millbury, MA. 2002.




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Wilson LA GRADE 6

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