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Mrs. Harcar

Welcome to Mrs.Harcar's Room 137!

Welcome Back to Hopewell Memorial Junior High for the 2017-2018 School Year!
   I have a new address for this school year--ROOM 202!  My room is now located in the sixth grade hallway by the stairs.  It was hectic getting all set up in a new room, but I am settling in and looking forward to a new year and new classes. 
Room 202 will be used for a variety of classes and supports this year.  There will be a MATH 8 and a MATH 7 class with me as the teacher.  There also will be three support study halls for students.  We will be working alongside the other seventh and eighth grade math classes.  We may join other classes for projects and instruction.  Chromebooks and desktops will be used for classwork and for progress monitoring.  I have calculators for students to use in class, but it will help your child if he/she has one availabe to use at home for math homework.
Additionally, students will have access to my room if they are feeling stressed or need a place to re-group for the rest of the day---or even just the rest of the class period.  It is not only important to support our students academically but emotionally as well!
 I will strive to do my very best to make this a great year for each student who comes to my room this year.
The following are expectations for the students.  Please contact me if you have any questions!
Math Classes:
  • Students will be required to have pencils and their planners for class.  I will supply a folder and notebook for each student.
  • We will be using whiteboards, desktops, chromebooks, and various other supports and supplies to help students learn in ways that suit each one best.
  • The math classes this year will be challenging.  If a student has homework and has trouble finishing it at home, please have your child see me first thing in the morning during homeroom.  I will work with him/her on the material.
  • Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. 
  • Students are required to have their planners with them and any work that needs completed for that day or the following day. This is in addition to any supplies, including PENCILS that he/she may need.
  • Students will be required to complete any work that they may not have done for that day's classes.   Then they may complete homework.
  • THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT THERE WILL BE ENOUGH TIME TO COMPLETE HOMEWORK IN STUDY HALL.  If your child does not do homework at home, please be aware there may not be time to get it done in study hall.  Fire drills, programs, two-hour delays all impact the amount of time in study hall.
  • The paraprofessional or I will mark each assignment either "done", "completed" or "finished" and initial it.  THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE THAT ALL THE ANSWERS ARE CORRECT.  I will only scan for general accuracy.  Your child should still bring home assignments and with you check it over for complete accuracy.  I do my best to help and insure that students are working correctly or on the right track but will not check each and every answer.
  • Please continue to check the planner nightly for communications from me 
The Classroom Rules:
1.Be prepared---pencil, books, completed homework.
2.Be on time.
3.Be respectful to teachers, classmates, and yourself.  Everyone has a right to learn!
4.Be patient, raise your hand, participate and listen.
5.Be ready to learn!

To contact me:
Phone: 724-375-6691, ext. 4202
Email: [email protected]
Email is the preferred communication method but I will return your call as soon as possible!
*I will be updating this periodically with information and tidbits that hopefully you will find useful.

Please be sure that your child's education is my priority. 
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