Mr. Keiper

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Mr. Keiper

8th Grade Music

Class Information

8th Grade Music is an in-depth look at musical cultures throughout the world and history.  The 9-week course details various careers in the business of music, global musical styles (including popular, folk, and art musics), and the history of Western music in Europe and America.

We use the Silver Burdett Making Music book series.

We also utilize a Google website for our Song Review Project:

Rules & Expectations

We adhere to The Three P's:
  • Always be Prompt - Be in your seat ready for class before the late bell rings.  If you are ever late to class, bring a note from the teacher, administrator, or secretary you were with.

  • Always be Prepared - Bring a pencil or pen and your daily planner with you to class everyday.  Be prepared to participate in class discussions, activities, worksheets, or music making everyday.

  • Always be Polite - Do not interfere with any other student's music education.  Be respectful when speaking, taking turns and listening to opposing opinions before responding.

Grading Policies

Student grades are reflected by written and turned-in work.  Missed worksheets and classwork caused by an absence (participation points) only need made-up if it applies directly to the quiz or project.  Quizzes and projects are to be completed in class with allotted time.  Rarely will homework be given, and only in the extreme case that work could not be completed during classtime.

Participation grades (worksheets, small group activities) comprise 25% of the final grade.

Quiz/Project grades (three unit quizzes, one individual research project) comprise 75% of the final grade.

Parents and students are encouraged to visit Hopewell's Power Student website often to track progress in the course.
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